I regularly provide copywriting services to a range of organisations, from educational institutions like Oxford University, The Knowledge Academy and The Mountbatten Institute to property maintenance company Axis Europe. I pride myself on my ability to quickly grasp a client’s brief and provide compelling, concise copywriting.

My services include:

  • Website Copywriting

Well-written, good quality text  will help you engage the attention of visitors to your website and increase your chance of  making sales or receiving enquiries. I provide a copywriting service to enable you to communicate your products or services in an interesting, SEO-friendly, informative way.

Clients for this service include: Oxford University, The Knowledge Academy, Dajana Basic London, Fitness & Body Transformation.

  • Brochure Copywriting

Your brochure needs to communicate your services in a way that inspires potential customers. I am skilled at researching services and competitors to provide informative yet concise text that sells your services and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Clients for this service include: Oxford University, Oxford Computer Consultants, The Knowledge Academy.

  • Article & Blog Writing

My article and blog writing service is well-suited to busy professionals who want to post regular content to their websites but do not have the time to sit down and write posts. I carry out an SEO report to make sure that every article and blog post contains key words that enable your website to reach a higher position in search engine rankings. Although it is important to include key words, each post must also be easy to read, providing useful, engaging content that visitors will be more likely to share and comment upon.

Clients for this service include: Oxford University, Talk Business magazine, Natural Health, IdeasTap, The Independent, Global Cosmetics News, Greenwich Visitor, Forbes Travel Guide, Bradt, Dajana Basic London (see my ‘Biography’ page for more information about my journalism background).

  • Staff/Client/Candidate Profiles

Having informative, well-written profiles of staff members or clients can be an extremely effective way of building trust in your business and marketing your services. Using the interviewing experience I have gained as a journalist, I am able to turn a CV and a few targeted questions into an interesting, personable profile.

Clients for this service include: Oxford University, Axis Europe, The Mountbatten Institute, Oxford Computer Consultants.

  • Newsletters

Whether you distribute an printed or email newsletter, I provide a copy-writing service that combines well-researched articles, fun or interesting facts and calls to action. I create content that is interesting, accurate and up-to-the-minute to ensure that your subscribers are well-informed and take time out of their day to hear about the latest updates from your organisation.

Clients for this service include: Axis Europe, The British Red Cross

  • Press Releases

It can be a challenging task to know how to present yourself or your business in a newsworthy way in order to capture a journalist’s attention and make them want to find out more. I am an experienced journalist and PR professional and know what journalists are looking for as well as what puts them off. I asks detailed questions about your business in order to find the most interesting angle, before producing ready-to-print press releases with just the right amount of detail, quotations and images.

Clients for this service include: The British Red Cross, Lucy Dartford PR, Dajana Basic London, A London Thing, DTB Event Management

  • Transcription

Transcribing meetings, interviews or lectures can be a time-consuming and tedious task, particularly when you have more pressing things to be doing. I provide an accurate and reliable transcription service. All you need to do is supply the audio and I will deliver well-presented, accurate and grammatically correct text. I charge between £1 and £2 per minute of audio depending on the turnaround time required.

Clients for this service include: Oxford University, UK Transcription